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Carbon Fibre Weave


Advanced Carbon Technology

Our rims aren’t your run of the mill basic carbon wheels. We have carefully designed these to offer some of the best and most up to date features on the market. Here is a description of what our carbon technology offers and how it benefits you as a rider.


The majority of the riders you see out on the trails will be running a tubeless set up and why not as there are a host of benefits for such a simple job. Unfortunately, not all rims on the market can be run tubeless, so it is something to look for on your next build and the reason it was one of our top points to consider.

Using a tubeless set up means you can run lower pressure, which not only results in a comfier ride but also improved grip. Rolling resistance is greatly improved as you eliminate the friction between the tube and tyre. Also, when using a tubeless sealant inside the tyre, it self seals small abrasions allowing you to carry on trouble free. With all this, why would we not want them to be tubeless? Our rims in comparison to others seal extremely well and hold the pressure like no others we have seen.


All our rims are hookless. You have probably noticed on some rims there is a bead hook along the inner edge which is there to help support the tyre when inflating. With our advanced carbon technology these bead hooks are no longer required and removing them opens up new advantages. By removing this hook you can increase impact resistance, not only resulting in added strength, but a massive increase in performance.

In comparison tests we found the tyre sits more central and stable in the rim which was noticeable, especially in cornering. If you can have this benefit on your next carbon rims then why not? Many leading brands are now seeing the benefits and changing specifications on future products. Pure Components carbon technology is already way out in front of the pack.


Hookless vs. Beadhook


This is our main advantage over other brands and one that you may not really have considered. With the recent release of boost hub spacing the market seems to think that this will automatically make a world of difference to your bike. However, as majority of people are running wheels that are severely imbalanced you are not getting the full benefits.

To put it simply, asymmetric rims visually look very similar but their spoke/nipple holes are off centre, usually by approximately. 2mm. This may not seem a lot, but it’s enough to allow for better triangulation of spoke angles and balance of tensions in a wheel build, resulting in a stronger, stiffer, and more reliable wheel.

Asymmetric rims use equal spoke lengths and tension for an overall stronger wheel build, below is a comparison between a standard and asymmetrical set up.

Asymmetric Setup

Asymmetric Setup

Unidirectional Carbon

There are various types of carbon on the market but only one really stands out for for us. Unidirectional Carbon. This is generally the strongest formation you can go for. Unidirectional (UD) carbon fibre is reinforced with all the fibres aligned in the same direction. Unidirectional reinforcement results in incredibly strong, light components by precisely orienting the fibres to provide maximum strength in one direction.

We tested various designs and had no doubts that unidirectional carbon was the way to go. The final choice was a matte finish to keep things current and up to date with the market.

Carbon Fibre Weave

Carbon Fibre Weave

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