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Why Choose Pure Components?

Pure Components has not been a quick overnight business idea, we have working behind the scenes since 2015 finding the correct suppliers, products and designs to bring you high quality mountain bike products you can rely on.

All our suppliers and manufacturers have been inspected personally, audited and have additional quality control programs in place throughout production. This of course adds to the production cost and time but by doing this we 100% believe in our products and can back them all up with a realistic warranty. Our rims have been tested personally on many bike parks through out the UK and Europe with not one problem to date, these range from general trail use to full on DH, everything we have thrown at them they have handled effortlessly.

We have not simply gone online and found a cheap supplier overseas offering poor quality rims and 12 months warranty, we have custom designed our products to have the most up to date features and superior strength by carefully choosing materials and the manufacturing process.

Although we are primarily focused on carbon products we have plans to expand our product range in the near future and will be offering a full range of components in carbon and aluminium.

We continually invest back in to the company to further develop existing and new products, by doing this we are confident that we will become a market leader in quality components.

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